"Esther is a highly effective professional who gets serious results. It was my good fortune to work under her supervision at FMGlobal/Arkwright. Thanks to Esther’s strong marketing and management skills, her department regularly produced award-winning communications that often won industry recognition. Years later, I still draw upon skills learned while working with Esther." - Teresa O'Connor
"Esther is a highly talented marketer. She has a flair for enlivening arcane subjects and for imaginatively promoting some inherently unsexy services. At Deloitte, she worked effectively with a variety of internal and external teams due to her creativity, intelligence, and ability to get things done. Esther possesses a unique mix of big-picture and small-detail skills, which allows her to not only envision creative integrated marketing programs, but also to implement them down to a fine level of granularity." - Jack Burlingame
"Esther is a very experienced marketing manager who is one of the best at planning and implementing major operational initiatives across multiple business units. As the corporate planning manager, I would not hesitate to search out Esther for comment and guidance related not only to marketing matters but issues affecting operations, HR, and finance." - Patrick Pollard
"Esther is a creative and innovative individual who is detail oriented and extremely capable. She has the ability to lead a team that gets the job done." - Nancy Finn, Healthcare Journalist
"Esther and I worked together on several high-profile projects at Deloitte. I found Esther to be creative, insightful and hands-on. She knew her services and audiences extremely well and always got the job done with focused professionalism." - Jennifer Scott

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