Measuring the Customer Experience

Customer experience is becoming more and more important these days as buyers have an increasing number of channels to interact with their suppliers.  As a consequence, a whole new discipline has emerged and continues to mature in the marketing area.  … [Read more...]

Are You Aligning your Marketing Effort with Sales?

In risk management services and solutions marketing, making the connections between marketing and sales is a critical, but often overlooked step in building a business.  A risk management solution can be extremely complex – whether it is a set of … [Read more...]

3 Things to Look for When Evaluating 2014 Marketing Plans

Now that companies are well into their planning process for 2014, many executives are looking closely at the proposed marketing spend and asking some important questions:    Do we have the right processes in place?  Are we covering all our bases with … [Read more...]

Welcome to my Blog

We live in a world that is fraught by risk.  We do not often think of a potential loss until it is too late.  But risk can threaten the economy, our businesses, our families, our homes and all that we hold dear and rely upon to live and sustain our … [Read more...]