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We live in a world that is fraught by risk.  We do not often think of a potential loss until it is too late.  But risk can threaten the economy, our businesses, our families, our homes and all that we hold dear and rely upon to live and sustain our existence.  Some recent events to consider:

Apparently, risks are correlated; they interact and cause even bigger disasters.  For example:

  • The 2011 tsunami that killed thousands of people and destroyed countless communities and businesses on the east coast of Japan also caused a nuclear meltdown impacting the entire Japanese economy and its business partners throughout the world.
  • The 2008 financial crisis that started on Wall Street in the U.S. 2008 had a ripple effect on nations across the globe.

Scientists, academics, businesspeople and engineers have worked throughout the centuries to better understand risk, to manage and control it, as well as to leverage risk for its opportunity.  As our world economy becomes increasingly more interdependent, world leaders have looked to regulation, such as Basel II and III, Solvency II, Sarbanes Oxley and Dodd-Frank to raise awareness of risk and to force us to educate people and form processes and systems that can adequately address it.  At the 2011 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, leaders from countries around the globe identified risk as a top-most concern that can have impact on the economic recovery. A committee of several nations was formed to study the risks we are facing post financial crisis and to recommend steps that should be taken to address them.

Having witnessed massive economic and environmental devastation in recent years, I am passionate about creating awareness of the opportunities to make things right.  As a global marketer with a 20+-year career marketing risk management, governance and regulatory compliance services, I am enthused by the technologies and expertise in the marketplace to help businesses, governments and individuals move to more solid ground.

I have created this blog as a forum about the marketing of risk management services and solutions.  I welcome an open dialogue on best practices, lessons learned and advice about the tactics and techniques that have worked well in raising awareness of risk.   I also will regularly share my thoughts on how businesses with risk-related services and solutions can leverage new marketing processes, techniques and technologies to get out into the marketplace, build relationships and help other businesses gain a stronger footing when it comes to managing risk.  It is my hope that the ideas we share will help business leaders and marketing professionals to enhance their understanding, execution and measurement of marketing practices for services businesses.